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Buying Process

Preparing to shop for a home

Here are the key steps to buying a home and how Watson Realty Corp can help make the process easier. It all starts here!

Step One Loan Approval

Before you begin to shop for a home, enhance your buying power by getting Preapproved or Pre-Qualified.

Getting pre-qualified helps you determine how much home you can afford, based on specific financial information you share with your lender. The lender does not verify this information, and consequently there is no guarantee you will qualify for the loan amount. Getting preapproved requires that the lender verify your information, and does serve as a commitment to lend a specified amount based on that verified information. This gives you significant buying power with a seller who recognizes you will be approved for a loan.

What's pre-qualification?

Pre-qualification is an informal discussion between borrower and lender. The lender estimates the amount that you can borrow based solely on what you tell them about your income and assets. The lender does no verification and is not bound to make the loan when you're ready to buy. On the other hand, loan approval is based on documented and verified information regarding your employment, your income, your liabilities, your assets and the cash you have available to close on a home purchase.

How preapproval is better?

To a seller, a lender's preapproval letter is considerable stronger than a pre-qualification letter. If a seller knows your financing is secure, your offer is stronger. Preapproval also gives you peace of mind as you shop for a home, knowing that you will qualify for the proper mortgage amount.

To learn more about our mortgage services, click here

Step Two Learn the market

Our web site is the efficient way to search for properties through South Georgia, Northeast Florida, the Beaches, Gainesville and Central Florida. We include property information from almost every real estate company in the area. To start your search,Click Here 

Step Three Choose a professional

Select an experienced professional to help you through the home buying process. Choose from over 1,800 of the area's leading professionals. If you've worked with us before, look up your Watson Realty associate. If you haven't, we'll help you find the right professional. Click Here 

Step Four Procure your Mortgage 

When you've found the right home, Watson Mortgage Corp. makes it easier with one-stop shopping for a broad selection of lenders and loan products. Just visit to get superior service for your mortgage needs.

Other Steps Moving into the Area

If you're making a move into the region our relocation team is here to help you find the right community, a great associate and the perfect home. Click Here